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Peer reviewed papers

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Chapters in books

* de Vladar, H.P. Mechanisms of multivariate quantitative evolution, in: “Modelos y Simulaciones Biológicas en Ecología y Evolución”, in de Vladar, H.P. Cipriani, R. (eds.), Printed by Createspace. ISBN: 978-1516867561, 1516867564  

de Vladar, H.P. and Chela-Flores, J. Can the evolution of multicellularity be anticipated in the exploration of the Solar System? in: “Genesis: Origin of Life on Earth and Planets”, Hanslmeier, A., Kempe, S., and Seckbach J. (eds.) Springer: Dordrecht, The Netherlands. 2012.

de Vladar, H.P. Prebiotic synthesis of amino-acids and other related molecules, in: “Ab Initio: Orígenes del Universo, la vida y la inteligencia”, Falcon, N. and Loyo, Y. (eds.) Published by “Consejo de Desarrollo Científico y Tecnológico” Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela. 241 (in spanish). ISBN: 978-980-12-2752-6.

de Vladar, H.P., Cipriani, R., Scharifker, B., and Bubis, J. A Mechanism for the Prebiotic Emergence of Proteins: the Role of Proton Gradient and High Temperature in the Polymerization of Amino Acids Embedded in Bilayers, in “Life in the Universe From the Miller Experiment to the Search for Life on Other Worlds”, Seckbach, J., Chela-Flores, J., Owen, and Raulin, F. (eds.) Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands. 2004, XXX, 374 ISBN: 1-4020-2371-5, 1-4020-3093-2.

* Peer reviewed.

Book reviews

de Vladar, H.P. 2015 Review of: Why greatness cannot be planned. The myth of the objective, by K.O Stanley and J. Lehman. Leonardo Reviews 49(1):99-100. 

de Vladar, H.P. 2014 Review of: Dr. Maccone’s Cabinet of Wonder: Mathematical SETI: Statistics, Signal Processing, Space Missions, by Claudio Maccone. Astrobiology 13 (12), 1199-1200.

Edited volumes

de Vladar, H.P. and Cipriani, R. (eds) 2015. Modelos y Simulaciones Biológicas: Ecología y Evolución. Printed on demand by Createspace. ISBN: 978-1516867561, 1516867564  

Non-scientific publications

de Vladar H.P. 2014 The smell of wet soil. Pedregal publishers. 122 pp.


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